Donors and Sponsors

List as of April 15, 2016.

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Festival Sponsor

The Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation

Concert Sponsorship ($7,500+)
Anne and Ronald Abramson

Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation

The Dweck Family

Arthur Tracy “The Street Singer” Endowment Fund

Conductor ($3,000-$7,499)

The Embassy of Israel

Maestro ($1,800-$2,999)

Melanie and Larry Nussdorf

Composer ($1,100-$1,799)
Janet B. Abrams

Susan Wedlan and Harold Rosen

Marshall Wolff

Virtuoso ($550-$1,099)
Rose and Robert Cohen

Sara C. Cohen and Norm J. Rich

Linda and Sid Moskowitz

Francine Zorn Trachtenberg and Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

Musician ($275-$549)
Dina Gold

Diane Abelman Wattenberg

Rivka Yerushalmi

Prodigy ($150-274)
Lori and Mikaela Fischler

Lorraine Gallard and Richard Levy

Debra Goldberg and Seth Waxman

Mark and Jeff Hunker

Alma and Sid Kaplan

William Kreisberg

Debra Schwartz

Mindy Strelitz and Andrew Cornblatt

In-Kind Sponsors
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Media Sponsors

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