WJMF Council
Norm J. Rich and Janet B. Abrams, Co-Chairs


Marshall Wolff

WJMF Staff

Ilya Tovbis is the director of the Washington Jewish Music Festival. Ilya’s involvement with music programming started in the Bay Area through the Berkeley Jewish Music Festival and The Stern Grove Festival.

He also started the Berkley-based music showcase “The Brew,” featuring monthly pairings of diverse artists such as Meredith Axelrod, Beth Custer, Deli Kanli, Charming Hostess, Glenn Hartman, Kymata, Matt Nelson, Aaron Novik, Rob Reich, and John Schott, Katy Stephan and Craig Ventresco.

Kaitlin Whitman is the WJMF Associate Director of Operations. Through her education and work history, she brings a wealth of arts administration and festival experience to the music department. Prior to joining the Edlavitch DCJCC, she worked at American University as the Photography Lab Manager where students learned how to process and print their own images in a darkroom. Before that, Kaitlin worked at the DC Environmental Film Festival in program coordination. She loves all genres of music but finds herself listening most often to bluegrass and folk tunes. Kaitlin graduated from American University with a MA in Arts Management in 2014 and a BA in Visual Media and Cinema Studies in 2009.

Alexis Rodriguez is the WJMF Outreach and Communications Manager. He has a background in arts marketing and is passionate about bringing organizations closer to their communities.

Prior to joining the Edlavitch DCJCC, he worked on grassroots marketing and public relations strategies at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at Strathmore. He also helped develop and manage their Brainiacs program, an audience engagement initiative that helped boost retention among new subscribers.

Alexis graduated from American University with an MA in Arts Management in 2015 and a BA in Marketing from the University of Puerto Rico in 2012.

Hannah Grace Heartfield is the WJMF Administrative Coordinator. She brings with her a passion for the arts and culture as well as a background in dance and music.

Prior to joining WJFF, she spent the summer interning with the PBS Foundation where she assisted with fundraising efforts for PBS educational programming. Before that, Hannah Grace served as the company manager for Gamut Dance Company where she coordinated several performances during her senior year of college and regularly collaborated with music groups on campus.

Hannah Grace is a recent graduate of Davidson College with a BA in English and a concentration in Global Literary Theory.